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  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas5 vjet më parë

    Fun fact: Wiseau actually submitted this film for Oscar consideration.

  • C-Funk
    C-Funk4 vjet më parë

    That "how is your sex life" line is actually genius only because it comes after Johnny realizing Lisa isn't being faithful. The way he almost aggressively asks the question could show that Johnny is putting the pieces together

  • Eat Me
    Eat Me4 vjet më parë

    If Tommy Wiseau directed The Dark Knight:

  • hopper11995
    hopper119953 vjet më parë

    I own this movie on DVD. It is the only movie I own on DVD.

  • Fangle Spangle
    Fangle Spangle4 vjet më parë

    Fun fact. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but this movie has a weird cult following. There is a picture frame with a painting of a spoon on the set that appears frequently during the movie. The movie gets shown in theatres and you go into the showing with a bag of plastic spoons. The idea is when a scene with the spoon picture shows up, everyone lobs spoons at the screen.

  • Semantic Samuel
    Semantic Samuel2 vjet më parë

    I can't get over Johnny's dress sense: blazer with a black wife beater and belted cargo trousers...and all of it oversized.

  • MasterCharlie104
    MasterCharlie1045 vjet më parë

    Fun Fact: Johnny was supposed to turn into a vampire at the end of this movie and fly around San Francisco but they didn't do it cos the budget wouldn't allow it.

  • TheKingOfTheCats
    TheKingOfTheCats4 vjet më parë

    I love when the writer of the movie also is the main character. "I wrote this movie where the main character gets tons of sex and is pretty much perfect and liked by everyone. So who should play him? Ah, yes. Me."

  • Must Hydrate
    Must Hydrate2 vjet më parë

    IHE:“Can you just imagine what the other 31 takes were like”

  • BergamotBravva
    BergamotBravva3 vjet më parë

    I have met Tommy in person and he is a nicest man alive! So positive about everything

  • Xehanort10
    Xehanort104 vjet më parë

    Apparently when Tommy Wiseau was asked about the Lisa's mother's breast cancer thing he just said "That's the twist." No Tommy a twist is when you have a mystery in your plot and something happens that's the opposite of how you expect the mystery to be solved not giving a character breast cancer for the sake of giving her breast cancer.

  • Awesomebacon
    Awesomebacon3 vjet më parë

    Trying to find all the plot holes in The Room is like trying to count all the individual holes in Swiss cheese.

  • Isaiah Belter
    Isaiah Belter6 vjet më parë

    is there any reason this is called the room when it has nothing to do about a room

  • Daniel Geer
    Daniel Geer4 vjet më parë

    Tommy Wiseau is a genius. There is no other explanation how a movie can be so coherently bad. An alien that has no clue how to make a movie couldn't make a worse movie if he tried. If he is not a genius then this movie was edited by someone who understands the nuance of visual media so well he edited it into greatness.

  • Chase Deyette
    Chase Deyette4 vjet më parë

    Fun fact: One of the many unfinished subplots involved Johnny being a vampire. Yes, an actual vampire with fangs and shit.

  • the invisible me
    the invisible me2 vjet më parë

    Did you know that

  • Twodle Doodles
    Twodle Doodles4 vjet më parë

    I was lucky enough to meet Tommy Wiseau, I asked what he thought about I Hate Everything. He just said "If alot of people loved eachother, the world would be a better place to live."

  • Tardersauce35
    Tardersauce353 vjet më parë

    This is movie is literally like bad lip reading.

  • Uhhh Sabrina
    Uhhh Sabrina6 vjet më parë

    Fun fact: Johnny in the original script wasn't going to die

  • Emma Petersen
    Emma Petersen4 vjet më parë

    That moment when you hear that the ending was originally going to have tommy be revealed to be a vampire.