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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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  • I Hate Everything
    I Hate Everything4 vjet më parë

    Poop is funny people... wake up!

  • Nina
    NinaVit më parë

    “Why did nobody stop this?” Because Shane refused to take any criticism whatsoever.

  • Kat Blaque
    Kat BlaqueVit më parë

    And just like that, this video is relevant again.

  • Doodle 🐼
    Doodle 🐼Vit më parë

    “Why did nobody stop this?” Oh, they tried lol. Shane wouldn't have any of it.

  • XForevaElla
    XForevaEllaVit më parë

    Dan Schoffer wrote the outline for the movie. All the jokes and disgusting humour was added by Shane.

  • Yagi
    Yagi2 vjet më parë

    To the people saying - "Shane has disowned this movie and is genuinely embarrassed about it":

  • Feathered Canine
    Feathered CanineVit më parë

    I cringed so hard at

  • Reverzive
    Reverzive4 vjet më parë

    Shane Dawson directing a movie where a girl tells him he's atractive somehow heavily reminds me of Tommy Wiseau and The Room.

  • SmartStart24
    SmartStart242 vjet më parë

    I am genuinely impressed you had the balls to call out the tokenism and casual racism in the film (which Dawson is notorious for). Most people wouldn’t bring it up for fear of being labeled an “SJW”. You made great points overall.

  • sexual taco
    sexual tacoVit më parë

    This video has aged like fine wine

  • Maria Sotomayor
    Maria SotomayorVit më parë

    lets please talk about how basically no actors showed up to the casting calls bc even they realized the script was disgustingly offensive and would cause a dead end to their career

  • B daily
    B dailyVit më parë

    Shane having someone call himself attractive is the funniest thing on here

  • Beth
    BethVit më parë

    Weird that this is the least offensive thing Shane Doorstop has done now, ain't it?

  • Klay-Kremling
    Klay-Kremling4 vjet më parë

    You know how content creators can LOVE comments on their channel? Well IHE should get an HATE button. So if he sees a comment he doesn’t like, he can HATE your comment.

  • Mia !
    Mia !Vit më parë

    Shane had to be three characters in his own movie. Talk about a narcissist.

  • TheBigSmallWorld
    TheBigSmallWorldVit më parë

    Honestly it’s wild how Shane single handedly ruined/tarnished so many people’s careers with one movie just because he had to stroke his ego. Poor screenwriter probably wrote a decent film before Shane filled it with gross/bad jokes. I feel bad for every person involved in this garbage fire :/

  • Declan Huber
    Declan HuberVit më parë

    I never understood grossout humour. I detest it. Humour and disgust are nigh polar opposites, I don't know why any movie targeted at anyone above the age of 8 employs it. Ever.

  • Better Betty
    Better BettyVit më parë

    Shane Dawson wrote in all the disgusting and offensive jokes. Don’t blame the writer.

  • Carter DC
    Carter DCVit më parë

    At least Shane is playing a white character in this movie.

  • Marinette Adrien
    Marinette AdrienVit më parë

    When shane dawson was a kid he told everybody he would be in a movie, everybody laughed at him. Years later he made a movie and everybody still laughs at him.