Suicide Squad (2016) - The Search For The Worst - IHE

Suicide Squad is the latest failed attempt at a coherent movie in the DC Cinematic Universe. It features Will Smith as Will Smith, Margot Robbie as Tumblr and Jared Leto as Hot Topic. The film also introduces fan favourite character: "the guy who can climb anything".

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  • I Hate Everything
    I Hate Everything5 vjet më parë

    I know it was supposed to be the Fred Trilogy before anything else, but I was not anticipating hating this film as much as I did. It will be the next SFTW for sure. Thanks for being patient while I make my videos everyone. ALthe have messed with the algorithms again recently so now likes and comments are what gets your video noticed. So basically every ALther is going to be begging for engagement. SO PLEASE LIKE THIS VIDEO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND COMMENT 100 TIMES!

  • Badger
    Badger5 vjet më parë

    One thing that would infinitely improve this movie was if Killer Croc was wearing crocs throughout the entire movie.

  • Fletcher Reed
    Fletcher Reed2 vjet më parë

    "Starring Will Smith as Will Smith, Margot Robbie as Tumblr, and Jared Leto as Hot Topic."

  • Gokigenyou
    Gokigenyou2 vjet më parë

    Suicide Squad's biggest mistake was not having the iconic supervillain Kite man

  • Tekno Pathetic
    Tekno PatheticVit më parë

    This is Slipknot, I would advise not getting climbed by him

  • alsunpilsut
    alsunpilsutVit më parë

    When I did theater, we had this one exercise where I had to direct a scene for all the other actors. I made the mistake of giving every character a different storyline. So I ended up with a stage full of chaos where everyone was just doing their own thing. They had absolutely no link and no reason to be on that stage together. Our teacher asked me to fix the mistake. So I did. I took one character and made her the main character. Everyone else was there to fill the plot that she led. After that, everything went smoothly. The point of this story? Suicide Squad made the same mistake I made. Too many stories and too much random stuff put together. As a viewer, you don't know who or what to focus on and all the characters just end up feeling completely soulless.

  • Jacob Schall
    Jacob Schall2 vjet më parë

    "it's ok to acknowledge that something is garbage while still liking it" How do you think I have friends?

  • exiledPostman
    exiledPostman5 vjet më parë

    The great part about The Joker is that you could edit him out of the movie completely and it wouldn't change the plot one bit.

  • IHaveNoFūckingIdea WhatToNameThisAccount
    IHaveNoFūckingIdea WhatToNameThisAccount2 vjet më parë

    "This is IHE. I'd advise you not to get hated by him, his channel traps the souls of those who makes a shïttŷ movie."

  • Hanako Simp!
    Hanako Simp!Vit më parë

    At least he could climb something.

  • Alfie
    AlfieVit më parë

    “I advise not getting killed by her.”

  • LowlifeBinge
    LowlifeBinge2 vjet më parë

    The RT score back then was 65%. Now it's 27%. You did it Alex.

  • Beef Chief
    Beef Chief2 vjet më parë

    This movie was like 90% walking and 5% back story and 5% action

  • O limite da estupidez
    O limite da estupidez4 vjet më parë

    "i present to you.....the man that can climb anything"

  • MrMrMrprofessor
    MrMrMrprofessor3 vjet më parë

    "This is KATANA. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the souls of it's victims."

  • AceGatorade
    AceGatorade2 vjet më parë

    Killer Croc is actually decent in the Arkham games and comics. How do you make a cool character terrible?

  • Milkra
    Milkra2 vjet më parë

    "It's like Hot Topic threw up all over Guardians of the Galaxy" -RedLetterMedia

  • Jackie Martin
    Jackie MartinVit më parë

    I saw this movie on opening night here in Hollywood. A fight broke out right next to where I was sitting. The movie was stopped and the cops were called. When we went back in, the movie had kept rolling so it resumed right at the end. That whole story was a lot more interesting than the bloody film.

  • frotoproxy
    frotoproxyVit më parë

    I like how IHE doesnt give a fuck about his audience and says what he thinks, we need more people like IHE on youtube

  • Hearthstoner
    Hearthstoner3 vjet më parë

    Did you know, when Will Smith said "so we're some kind of suicide squad?" he is talking about the subtle fact that they are indeed a suicide squad.