Damn Daniel is the latest meme to infect the internet. Although one thing is for certain, it's quite lol XD at times!

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  • Trollzous
    Trollzous5 vjet më parë

    I'm sorry your "duhhhh plant" cracked me up, fuck damn daniel but that plant was on point

  • t b
    t b4 vjet më parë

    The funniest part is how Daniel looks vaguely scared of the guy constantly harassing him. The way he keeps moving in the opposite direction or trying to walk past him, and doing that "Hahah yea........please stop..." smile throughout. Like dude filming has no idea he's become somewhat of a stalker, and each day he sees dude coming, Daniel's like "Aw fuck why did I dress nicely again".

  • The Dank Duo
    The Dank Duo4 vjet më parë

    So this confirms IHE’s cheeks are actually legs so...

  • A box o' Juice
    A box o' Juice4 vjet më parë

    "I'll see you next week when

  • Sickling
    Sickling4 vjet më parë

    I thought Alex yelling over Damn Daniel was a part of the original vine for a good 30 seconds.

  • razing717
    razing7174 vjet më parë


  • Weiss Schnee
    Weiss Schnee5 vjet më parë

    Let us have a moment of silence for all the Daniels who will be memed the shit out of.

  • maniaczack
    maniaczack4 vjet më parë

    True story:

  • puretoast
    puretoast4 vjet më parë

    It's great to come back and see the origin of durr plant

  • CaitlyntheDoodler
    CaitlyntheDoodler4 vjet më parë


  • Pohatu Nuva
    Pohatu Nuva4 vjet më parë

    Personally, I find stupid things funny simply because they're stupid... yet can't wrap my head around why this is funny.

  • King Haki
    King Haki3 vjet më parë

    Legend says that the camera man and Daniel are now happily married with 4 kids and a dog. P.S. they all wear Converse now.

  • Cyneixe
    Cyneixe5 vjet më parë

    I'm gonna build a wall against this meme, and Daniel is gonna pay for it.

  • Not My Cup Of Tea
    Not My Cup Of Tea4 vjet më parë

    Little did he know, that when he said "DURR PLANT"... He would create the ultimate thing he hates. The king of memes...

  • kyplay gaming
    kyplay gaming5 vjet më parë

    We were once in class where we were watching CNN student news, and it was talking about this flood that destroyed homes and caused people to go homeless. They brought a guy who lost everything he owned on camera to talk about the flood. His voice was a little funny so whenever he was talking about how this guy lost everything my classmates started laughing. Proof that as long as you have a funny voice you can amuse idiots, no matter the situation, whether it's talking about someone's shoes or talking about how you lost your home, idiots will be amused

  • Reenaki Savi
    Reenaki Savi4 vjet më parë

    "say for example I put a potted plant in the middle of a room and then pointed at it and just went: DURR PLANT"

  • Feil Vei
    Feil Vei3 vjet më parë

    The plant thing was hilarious because of the ironic nature behind it.

  • Menthols

    Remember when stupid cringy meme's were the biggest issue on the internet? Oh how times have changed.

  • JazyyWazyy
    JazyyWazyy5 vjet më parë

    I didn't know about this. now I hate it and wanna die.

  • Brix

    Despite IHE’s best efforts, memes like damn daniel are the backbone of modern meme culture.