I HATE SING (2016)

IHE talks about his distaste for *one* of the worst animated films of 2016 (there are you happy now).

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  • sae a
    sae a2 vjet më parë

    The irony is that Zootopia was about getting rid of stereotypes and Sing is plastering stereotypes everywhere

  • Emilio Jurado
    Emilio JuradoVit më parë

    Rango is a very good example of "good character designs with purpose". Wonderful work made by Nickelodeon.

  • Daily Geek
    Daily GeekVit më parë

    Do you have any idea how unhealthy it is to teach kids that “everyone’s a winner?” Well, spoiler alert,

  • Nocturne _
    Nocturne _Vit më parë

    What’s disturbing is seeing that grocery store knowing damn well there’s a meat section in there somewhere.

  • whistlegoeswoo29

    the first despicable me was actually alright, its only from there that the minions got more mainstream and overused that it screwed up the other two films

  • sub addict
    sub addictVit më parë

    why do they include “from the creators of despicable me” on every goddamn movie case

  • Big Nut VR
    Big Nut VRVit më parë

    Illumination is like the mobile game of movie company’s

  • TheHauntedAttic
    TheHauntedAtticVit më parë

    Despite what everybody says, I legitimately really like the first despicable me. This was before illumination figured that they didn’t have to try to make a profit so they made an actually good movie.

  • Shmukadoo
    ShmukadooVit më parë

    there is actually a reason that they are animals

  • Black Jovian
    Black JovianVit më parë

    Illumination Entertainment when they need more characters:

  • ThreesomeInk
    ThreesomeInkVit më parë

    The longer I watched this, the more I was convinced you were cyberbullying that crocodile.

  • Sir JJ
    Sir JJVit më parë

    That interview with Nick Kroll was just sad, guy looked completely dead inside

  • Stefan
    StefanVit më parë

    3 years later and this movie left zero impact in pop culture.

  • Matt Jones
    Matt JonesVit më parë

    The interview with Nick Kroll reminded me of when TJ Miller was interviewed for the Emoji Movie and he was giving about the same answers that "it's a unique story" and "everyone really believed in it" but you could tell by his tone and body language that it was nothing more than a paycheck movie.

  • Turtleduck :[
    Turtleduck :[Vit më parë

    When I first saw the "Sing" poster I thought it was a Zootopia sequel, because in Russia Zootopia is called "Зверополис" (Zoo-city) and Sing is called "Зверопой" (Zoo-sing). Great marketing, cuz I watched that movie only because I really liked Zootopia

  • AutTheWizard
    AutTheWizardVit më parë

    The fact that it's the same crocodile model means that the crocodile shown is the same person throughout the movie. Which honestly, is more deep then the main plot itself..

  • XGeorgeX
    XGeorgeXVit më parë

    Fun fact: The human in

  • Pear Man
    Pear ManVit më parë

    The crocodile looks like the one from: “Where’s my water”

  • bingle
    bingle2 vjet më parë

    the title makes Alex sound like an angry caveman who has just discovered the concept of singing and is distressed and confused by it

  • ElleyShark
    ElleySharkVit më parë

    The only good thing in Sing to me was Johnny's cover of "Im Still Standing"