Trying To Watch: We Can Be Heroes (2020)


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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    I'm still not convinced Jim isn't just Alex doing two slightly different voices and editing them together.

  • Lucy Gray
    Lucy Gray

    i cannot believe that the thumbnail is an actual frame from the movie

  • A duck with a Youtube account
    A duck with a Youtube account

    This movie must be a masterpiece if the guy who made Sharkboy and Lavagirl made it!

  • Ali - Funky and Fresh
    Ali - Funky and Fresh

    Im still not convinced that Jim isn't pitch shifted Alex

  • PDocDanny

    They plastered Sharkboy and Lavagirl all over the marketing for this and predictably they only appear for like 5 minutes

  • beni

    They both sound so dead inside even before they started watching i love it

  • Darkestccino

    Robert Rodriguez has such an interesting portfolio of what he's directed. I hope he's happy with what he makes.

  • Spooderman

    Robert Rodriguez just loves giving people CGI fever dreams, doesn't he

  • Micah Cole
    Micah Cole

    This is exactly the type of acting job I would want. You know everyone on set is just hyped to be making a dumb silly kids movie and it honestly shows (I have 2 kids and I've seen this a few times)

  • David G
    David G

    Spy Kids, Machete, and this all canonically take place in the same universe

  • Lu

    All memes aside I'm glad you're putting content out again. Its been a rough 2 years, I hope the communities feeling good

  • Inpaladin


  • SonicHaXD

    Now I wanna see you guys watch Spy Kids XD

  • SpunChii

    Were they actually heroes ? From what we saw, they didn't save anyone. They just talked and sometimes used their powers. Good video as always.

  • Andrew Welter
    Andrew Welter

    Silly me, here I thought Rodriquez put Shark Boy in a mask and gave him no dialogue because Lautner turned him down.

  • Angus March
    Angus March

    The neck stretch kid was giving me nostalgia for the days when 3-D movies used to be a thing. Nowadays you can watch old kids animations like Monster vs Aliens and you can pinpoint the exact shots that were designed to be in "EYE-POPPING 3D", but now are just normal and awkward looking, and thats what the dudes head looks like.

  • Rootsnoot Thnute
    Rootsnoot Thnute

    Honestly, the guy who made this might actually be able to do a really good version of Halo. I think he'd definitely be willing to use CGI to show the Covenant in actual numbers, all the live action Halo movies I've seen so far seems to show maybe 3 or 4 aliens.

  • Cooper Roebuck
    Cooper Roebuck

    The creator-“It’s a shark boy and lava girl sequel.”

  • Nor Dank
    Nor Dank

    For anyone who doesn't know, his """bro""" is actually just him speaking in a different way. It's his gag

  • Hexted

    Did your friend just say “pound land”? I’m gonna HOPE that’s a British version of the “dollar tree/dollar general/dollar store” in America