I HATE DESTINY 2 - I'm Done.

IHE goes into (arguably too much) detail on Bungie's new entry in the hugely popular Destiny franchise, Destiny 2.

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  • Skill Up
    Skill Up4 vjet më parë

    I think you are spot on with a lot of what you say. Appreciate the effort that goes into a video like this.

  • Kai Mitchell
    Kai Mitchell2 vjet më parë

    “It’s the ball that gives us the force. That ball is so epic, it’s everything” is my favourite Obi-Wan quote.

  • Kara the Music Nerd
    Kara the Music Nerd3 vjet më parë

    Gamers: Why is Destiny such a disappointment?

  • 1xoACEox1
    1xoACEox1Vit më parë

    i love how cool that red and white medieval/knight style armour is at the start, only for it to get shitter and shitter in each subsequent clip as the game forces you to chase power rating. Remember Reach and how cool the armour was?

  • P suade Offical Music
    P suade Offical Music

    I stumbled across this video shortly after you released it. I had just played through destiny 2’s campaign, and I remember thinking “is it just me, or was that story pretty terrible?” I had a buddy at the time who was just raving about how awesome the game was, but I had this feeling that something about this game and franchise as a whole was just lackluster. I decided to look up destiny 2 reviews to see just what other people might have felt. Yours was the first I found. After watching I realized two things.

  • Trouper1399
    Trouper1399Vit më parë

    The shooting is sublime. I love the armour and the guns, that’s about it. Destiny is a skeleton of a great game but Bungie refuses to flesh it out.

  • Buzzet
    Buzzet4 vjet më parë

    Ihe is the kind of guy who will make a 49 minute, well writen and well edited video even though it probably would get demonetized

  • noah marcy
    noah marcy2 vjet më parë

    sometimes it feels the advertising budget was bigger than the game budget.

  • Nick Jelly
    Nick Jelly2 vjet më parë


  • H
    HVit më parë

    "The only character people care about"

  • Self Will Run
    Self Will Run2 vjet më parë

    This was the first video of yours I watched, about 2 years ago at this point. It was after playing through the story of destiny 2 and feeling basically everything you described that I stumbled upon this video. Watching this and having it resonate led me to watching the rest of your destiny videos, and eventually your search for the worst content. At this point, I've watched every video you've put up as well as some jar media content. I've yet to have a ALthe channel grab me like yours has, and I mean that in the best way possible. There's an authenticity about your craft that pulls me in and makes me want to watch more. On the off chance you see this comment, I just wanted to let you know that for two years now I've been a fan. Alot has happened over these past two years; ups, downs, and everything in between, and I was watching your videos through all of it. You've got something special, and I'll always be a fan. Cheers mate

  • Lemon Tree
    Lemon TreeVit më parë

    This whole video was my exact reaction to Destiny 2. My family has been into Destiny for years and all of us were hyped for the game. I, though , was very disappointed. It was around when we got our light back I realized that the cool story-telling and cinematic was a one time thing and obviously not coming back. I was beyond excited when we were introduced to being without light and picking up the remains of our world, and then I wasn’t. The repetitiveness hit and I went back to playing Pokémon and Minecraft.

  • Theodore Hodbor
    Theodore Hodbor4 vjet më parë

    IHE really seems like an abused housewife in this situation. He was getting constantly beaten down yet still believed that there was good

  • Thomas Bélanger
    Thomas Bélanger3 vjet më parë

    Really, Bungie is the perfect example for self-destructive. One of the only thing they had, the genius music designer, they screw him over and try to "con" him. This franchise is honestly one of the most frustrating thing ever. It have a lot of potential but it scraps it. It's like that rich accomplished dude that have everything going for him but still obsesses with money, slowly killing his family, friends and himself.

  • gwenoutof10
    gwenoutof10Vit më parë

    "Things were great- until they werent"

  • mikeguerrero1111
    mikeguerrero11113 vjet më parë

    Why isnt anyone talking about how they said the first destiny was supposed to have a 8 year lifespan but for some reason theres a destiny 2 already

  • GreenSheep
    GreenSheep2 vjet më parë

    I'm looking into game development, myself and I feel like there is a lot I can learn from your videos here. I just subscribed. Hope you don't mind me taking notes.

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia2 vjet më parë

    I’m here after the latest DLC dropped and I’m annoyed of how they can’t come up with new enemies. The bads of this DLC are just old bosses you’ve beat.

  • _asleep
    _asleep3 vjet më parë

    The generic bad guy's plan worked...

  • The Video game maniac
    The Video game maniac

    Im a huge destiny fan but the points you brought up make me see all the problems wrong with it so thanks for opening my eyes