The (NOT DISNEY) Collection - The Search For The Worst - IHE (8 MOVIES!)


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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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  • Itsmellslikehonor
    Itsmellslikehonor5 vjet më parë

    The amount of work in this video, well done!

  • ? Mr. E
    ? Mr. EVit më parë

    Can we just talk about how

  • Jos F
    Jos FVit më parë

    I work at a library, and it saddens me every time I see someone return frozen land or cars life 2. I weep as I return them to the shelves, awaiting their next victims

  • WooHooLad

    This video is a treasure. I visit yearly.

  • Zero Suit Marianne
    Zero Suit MarianneVit më parë

    ihe: "Fantastic Four which isn't even a Disney property."

  • M H
    M HVit më parë

    Worse thing is, “What’s Up” is a sequel to an EVEN WORSE Disney ripoff movie...

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight5 vjet më parë

    Under technicality this video can be considered a movie.

  • An Account
    An Account2 vjet më parë

    “What’s the plot?”

  • KoalaCrazeXD 106
    KoalaCrazeXD 1062 vjet më parë

    that Tangled Up thing looks like something my elementary school music teacher will show us

  • Disphing
    DisphingVit më parë


  • Stella
    Stella2 vjet më parë

    This man is the Gordon Ramsay of movies

  • K a l p o s i a
    K a l p o s i a

    As a Chinese person, I would like to apologise for the movie wings. Most of our kids movies are like this actually, with way too much death and references for europeans.

  • I Hate The Beatles
    I Hate The BeatlesVit më parë

    The first movie looks like a movie we would watch in children's church when the care takers were tired

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White2 vjet më parë

    “Case Studies” is likely the the default name for the portfolio widget on the website builder they used. As a web designer I see that sometimes.

  • The King
    The KingVit më parë

    I thought the green jeep in cars life was meant to be an old man character before hearing the voice. Nothing in my head thought that character was the smutty friend at all.

  • Ghostlie K
    Ghostlie KVit më parë

    I’m planning to buy the beautiful masterpiece known as, “What’s Up”, place it inside of the non-ripoff film case, and give it to a friend.. if I die this way at least it’ll be a good way to go.

  • I I
    I IVit më parë

    Imagine if in another world these movies were the top of the line films.

  • SneezeRabbit
    SneezeRabbitVit më parë

    I was falling asleep listening to this, and right when I was on the edge of passing out, that damn pink car from A car's life spoke and scared the shit out of me. Jfc

  • Lola Sokolskiy
    Lola SokolskiyVit më parë

    “...never do another 8 film search-for-the-worst...”

  • Blazingmadman98
    Blazingmadman98Vit më parë

    That intro during the "Tangled Up" cartoons reminds me of those ancient ass videos they showed us back in primary school. Like it screams teachers shoving a VHS tape into a massive telly level of crap.