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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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  • Dr Bright
    Dr BrightVit më parë

    Dereck actually fired the person who played Cool Cat’s mom because he was sexually interested in her and had a suspicion she was pursuing someone else. Peak of maturity and professionalism right there.

  • Come feast With me
    Come feast With meVit më parë

    Ironic how the movie is so against bullying while daddy Derek literally is a bully 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • auxilium
    auxiliumVit më parë

    Shout-out to the guy who walked backwards into his house in the background when he saw Cool Cat

  • Xar 94
    Xar 94Vit më parë

    I've watched this several times, and I still shiver in discomfort when he calls her a "fine kitty cat".

  • Ezra Nexus
    Ezra NexusVit më parë

    Fun Fact: The actor who acted as cool cat hated the movie so much he refused to put his name on it and that's why you don't see his name in the credits

  • Lol i changed my name
    Lol i changed my nameVit më parë

    the funny thing is that daddy Derek is making a movie called "Cool cat stops a school shooting" and honestly i wish i was joking

  • Trissandvia
    Trissandvia6 vjet më parë

    All 60 of these dislikes are Derek Savage making alternate accounts in a vain attempt to make people think this video is bad.

  • Someone
    Someone2 vjet më parë

    "I love

  • MrToastyKat
    MrToastyKat2 vjet më parë

    Derek: the car is locked for safety purposes

  • blobona _
    blobona _Vit më parë

    I feel like the kid wasn't even a bully but just wanted to kill a monsterest humanized cat that can talk

  • Mitchell George
    Mitchell GeorgeVit më parë

    And thus the most hilarious internet drama ever was born.

  • Alvy Bar
    Alvy BarVit më parë

    It must KILL Derek to know that IHE’s channel has grown far bigger than he could ever hope his own channel to be.

  • YourMovieSucksDOTorg
    YourMovieSucksDOTorg6 vjet më parë

    10/10 Best movie of 2015.

  • kinda gay
    kinda gay3 vjet më parë

    This film is like

  • Dakota Woloschuk
    Dakota Woloschuk

    Funnily enough, while Cool Cat himself is


    the best actor in this movie was "the guy who walked backwards".

  • N the Flesh
    N the FleshVit më parë

    This video is harmless. I can’t believe all of that drama was over this.

  • Voodoo one Vipers on station
    Voodoo one Vipers on stationVit më parë

    Is it safe to say that daddy Derek is a furry? He likes being called daddy by a guy in a furry costume

  • Kirby Leggington
    Kirby Leggington4 vjet më parë

    I just realized that the guy who played Cool Cat had to spend hours in a hot cat costume and calling Derek Savage "daddy". Hope he got paid well.

  • Bumpyman09
    Bumpyman093 vjet më parë

    Theory: ihe is Gordon Ramsey’s long lost brother who instead of being a food critic, is a film critic.