Who Killed Captain Alex (2010) - The Search For The Worst - IHE (Uganda's First Action Movie)

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  • FC Mania
    FC ManiaVit më parë

    It’s genuinely heartbreaking when the Director admits that he’s never been in a movie theater.

  • ItsReddd
    ItsRedddVit më parë

    "Note that there is no Menu on this DVD. Most of our customers in Uganda have either lost or broken their remote controls, so it helps if the movie just starts."

  • Tylersfilmshack
    TylersfilmshackVit më parë

    Another really heartwarming detail is that the director’s first time ever being in a movie theater was when he watched his own movie at the Toronto International Film Festival

  • Mamaco
    MamacoVit më parë

    This movie has kinda good points:

  • Ultrawup
    UltrawupVit më parë

    That "dinosaurs" comment actually does make sense.

  • Trishikin Mukherjee
    Trishikin MukherjeeVit më parë

    Ok,can we all admit that for a 200$ budget,this movie is actually unironically good?

  • Stephen Campbell
    Stephen Campbell2 vjet më parë

    Just noticed that this film now has a rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb from over 5,000 votes. That genuinely warms my heart.

  • CommentPoster10
    CommentPoster10Vit më parë

    This movie has a higher IMDb score than Mad Max: Fury Road

  • Magoola Joseph
    Magoola JosephVit më parë

    Am a Ugandan. The movie is largely shot in a ghetto/slum, and the actors are uneducated so they use luganda (local language). Usually, the video jockeys translate the movie dialogue from English to luganda so that the watching audience can follow. In who killed captain alex, this video jockey is just amusing himself! Hilarious stuff!! And the ALthe comments are even more funnier!! Glad you're enjoying it.

  • Nathan Fike
    Nathan FikeVit më parë

    If you haven't heard already Netflix gifted these guys a bunch of good movie making equipment

  • Johny Reyes
    Johny ReyesVit më parë


  • Gaurav
    GauravVit më parë

    In the confirmation email when I brought their merch: “...it may take a little while, maybe a couple of weeks. It is not because we are lazy or have Ebola, it is because we are still very small and want to make every order special.”

  • Robert H:ius
    Robert H:ius2 vjet më parë

    Even the man who hates everything loves this movie.

  • Lorenzo Belen
    Lorenzo BelenVit më parë

    This is like fitting Avengers: Endgame in a NES cartridge. It's art.

  • Divine Mugasha
    Divine MugashaVit më parë

    As a Ugandan, I gotta say i'm impressed. You really did your research.

  • Raivon
    RaivonVit më parë

    Nothing will ever come close to the goldmine quotes in this movie such as:

  • CaptC0ck5Lap

    "We are not perfect but try very hard"

  • Mr. Plow
    Mr. PlowVit më parë

    VJ: "Everybody in Uganda knows Kung Fu!"

  • Free4554
    Free45542 vjet më parë

    The emoji movie had ads,

  • UMAdvocate
    UMAdvocateVit më parë

    Ordered the shirt! Can confirm, mine also came with -