Going beast mode on Dreamworks Super Star Kartz (Donkey Gameplay)


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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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  • CMT Productions
    CMT Productions10 ditë më parë

    It's amazing how many items just so happened to have Marty's name written all over it.

  • Highcaution
    Highcaution24 ditë më parë

    idk why but this game is so nostalgic to me

  • Mynamesjeff2169
    Mynamesjeff2169Muaj më parë

    8:14 Ihe.Fuck you alex Alex: touché

  • Vim
    Vim2 muaj më parë

    This has Marty's name written all over it.

  • Creepsington
    Creepsington6 muaj më parë


  • Creepsington


    6 muaj më parë


  • Creepsington


    6 muaj më parë


  • Astro Cat the Great
    Astro Cat the Great7 muaj më parë


  • MagneticAesthetic
    MagneticAesthetic8 muaj më parë

    i can feel the clunk just by watching

  • William Tatum
    William Tatum8 muaj më parë

    Holy Crap! I remembered playing this game when I was 6!!!

  • Oliver O
    Oliver O9 muaj më parë

    Fun fact this was supposed to be a crash bandicoot game

  • Yeah, scram, okay? We're closed for Ebola.
    Yeah, scram, okay? We're closed for Ebola.10 muaj më parë

    F*ck now i want a smash bros style dreamworks game

    CLOWNPOSTUR11 muaj më parë

    im a skipper main

  • Ace2464
    Ace246411 muaj më parë

    No playable Dreamworks fisher character? I'm out.

  • random guy
    random guy11 muaj më parë

    Oh my god I remember playing this game at my nanny’s house when I was in 1st grade

  • I have no future

    I have no future

    11 muaj më parë

    Lmao I still have it and play it regularly

  • Apple The king
    Apple The king11 muaj më parë

    I don’t know if he’s acting in this or he’s actually genuine and that scares me

  • Swagless
    SwaglessVit më parë

    heres the thing i owned this game and loved it i gtook it to gamestop and got a dollar for it I'm kinda upset now

  • I have no future

    I have no future

    11 muaj më parë

    Lmao I still have it on my ps3 and play it regularly

  • 2000 D
    2000 DVit më parë

    Please click the link: www.wicproject.com/review/family-fun-night-super-star-kartz/

  • dumb name
    dumb nameVit më parë

    I think this might be my favorite IHE video for some strange reason.

  • YouTube Gang
    YouTube GangVit më parë

    Great game 20/10 for all the family

  • YouTube Gang

    YouTube Gang

    Vit më parë

    I think i made a mistake

  • XJ Luke
    XJ LukeVit më parë

    9:00 fucking killed me

  • Ann-Sofie Ryelandt
    Ann-Sofie RyelandtVit më parë

    For every like this comment gets, 1 person will be cured of corona.

  • Peter Agurkis
    Peter AgurkisVit më parë

    It's like you took a thousand mediocre gaming channels and boiled them into one horribly concentrated concoction. This is the perfect parody

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet YeetVit më parë

    Faster than a speeding donkey 😏

  • Batzilla
    BatzillaVit më parë

    Thanks to this video you get to hear IHE say "fuck off donkey"

  • Covertsights


    Vit më parë

    i'm 90% sure ihe is Gordan Ramsey in disguise bring me proof to the contrary I dare you

  • DeclanBurger
    DeclanBurgerVit më parë

    I thought that opening was a bit, all those credits.

  • Lunar does everything
    Lunar does everythingVit më parë

    This is the reason why Dreamwork’s aren’t taken seriously

  • King Butter
    King ButterVit më parë

    this game is epic

  • Jazyzamp
    JazyzampVit më parë

    This isnt a video game this is art

  • Cringe Connossieur
    Cringe ConnossieurVit më parë

    i really like you are intro where did you get it?

  • OfficialSandle
    OfficialSandleVit më parë

    The maps are kinda cool

  • Harley_GXD
    Harley_GXDVit më parë

    Frick of donkey lmao

  • UMAdvocate
    UMAdvocateVit më parë

    Zooboo! 😎👌🏾

  • Phan Tom
    Phan TomVit më parë

    It killed me how you said “Fuck off Donkey” idk why XD

  • epicfunny gexfan
    epicfunny gexfanVit më parë

    ben stiller did such a good job

  • sunshine day!
    sunshine day!Vit më parë

    is this forza horizon 9?

  • Lewis Gibson
    Lewis GibsonVit më parë

    Garfield kart now £9.99 on PlayStation store

  • damitdude
    damitdudeVit më parë

    Best letsplay that I have never seen in my live

  • Gugs
    Gugs Vit më parë

    imagine maining alex

  • wallyballjacker
    wallyballjackerVit më parë

    No Po, no Barry the Bee, no shark tail characters... wtf

  • KennyCartoons
    KennyCartoonsVit më parë

    This was most epic game ever 7 or 8 years ago

  • unknown
    unknownVit më parë

    That game sucks ripoff of mario Kart

  • Michael Bolcato

    Michael Bolcato

    Vit më parë

    This game is only good for Shrek and Donkey.

  • Ann-Sofie Ryelandt
    Ann-Sofie RyelandtVit më parë


  • Lewis Gibson
    Lewis GibsonVit më parë

    Please make more videos playing old shit games

  • teddy
    teddyVit më parë

    Do more vids like this please

  • CoconutMan
    CoconutManVit më parë

    I want a part 2

  • BMoney8600
    BMoney8600Vit më parë

    This has Marty’s name written all over it!

  • dekalb
    dekalbVit më parë

    Hahaha 😂

  • Ann-Sofie Ryelandt
    Ann-Sofie RyelandtVit më parë

    This guy should collab with Keanu Reeves.

  • ThunderKraken
    ThunderKrakenVit më parë

    this has martys name written all over it

  • Lucas Ward
    Lucas WardVit më parë

    This has Marty’s name written all over it

  • Nintenboi
    NintenboiVit më parë

    tHiS hAs MaRtY's nAmE wRitTeN aLL oVeR iT

  • Aqua Necromancer
    Aqua NecromancerVit më parë

    The Doby profile picture in the very beginning had me cracking up.

  • That One White Guy
    That One White GuyVit më parë

    Dreamworks Super Star Kartz has a better intro movie than Smash Bros Melee.

  • Seth X
    Seth XVit më parë

    I'm really curious who thought it would be a good idea to have your character constantly throwing out lines, but also that they'd only need to record four or five different lines per character.

  • Just a young Beatles fan
    Just a young Beatles fanVit më parë

    I kind of love to pretend that all of DreamWorks movies, shows, and shorts are in the same universe.

  • BMoney8600


    Vit më parë

    Plague Produkshuns same

  • Wren Penrith
    Wren PenrithVit më parë

    i love coming back to watch this video, alex sounds so frustrated but like he's also lowkey enjoying himself

  • John Lemon
    John LemonVit më parë

    Most of these tracks seem like a rip-off of an old Mariokart game.

  • Lubo
    LuboVit më parë

    wow Alex, cringe

  • Señor bone Man
    Señor bone ManVit më parë

    Imagine sucking at dreamworks super star karts

  • OG Juice
    OG JuiceVit më parë

    Should've gotten the wii version you noob

  • hgomiew
    hgomiewVit më parë

    every single one of these videos makes alex sound so fucking drained

  • Tj Cannonball
    Tj CannonballVit më parë

    I wonder if ThIsHaSMaRtYsNaMeAlLoVeRiT!

  • Jackson MNL
    Jackson MNLVit më parë

    i have a copy of this game. it is godawful

  • Hamail Ahmed
    Hamail AhmedVit më parë

    Where’s Megamind

  • justaicon
    justaiconVit më parë

    Nintendo + Dreamworks = This thing?

  • Maddy aux
    Maddy auxVit më parë

    I thought the game was a fever dream on the wii

  • Chaz
    ChazVit më parë

    Achoo ha huk haroo

  • KyleDoesEverything YT
    KyleDoesEverything YTVit më parë

    I saw shrek and clicked so fast my ipad almost broke

  • Anime Nerd
    Anime NerdVit më parë

    Why does donkey sound Will Smith

  • Saucy Fry Studios
    Saucy Fry StudiosVit më parë

    DreamWorks should make a movie featuring all their characters. And the movie could be called: Dream Team

  • ArliBarli TV
    ArliBarli TVVit më parë

    Very enthusiastic

  • Pixelated Sugar
    Pixelated SugarVit më parë

    Even this racist voice actor isn't going to hold me back

  • Ben Tebbutt
    Ben TebbuttVit më parë

    This is why Xbox is supeirior. 😎

  • T-t00ns
    T-t00nsVit më parë

    This has Mary’s name written all over it

  • your Mutha
    your MuthaVit më parë

    Ihe gaming 2020

  • Alpha Mc
    Alpha McVit më parë

    Was he drunk when he recorded this?

  • Cody Cox 1627
    Cody Cox 1627Vit më parë

    The ds port is a port

  • ThemeParkLand
    ThemeParkLandVit më parë

    Am I the only one that comes back and watches this like once a month? It’s so hilarious.

  • Niels Chr Nielsen
    Niels Chr NielsenVit më parë

    Omg I remember this! I have this damn😍

  • DoggyNGT
    DoggyNGTVit më parë

    Man it already feels like yesterday since this was made...

  • Slithery
    SlitheryVit më parë

    I remember playing this when I was little, my family and I played for less than an hour before we decided to play Mario Kart

  • Toadsz Factory
    Toadsz FactoryVit më parë

    I want this game just so that I can play as toothless

  • Matty Is Ginger
    Matty Is GingerVit më parë

    My favourite map has to be the Monsters vs Aliens Spaceship one

  • Matty Is Ginger

    Matty Is Ginger

    Vit më parë

    Gallaxhar's Spaceship of course

  • Matty Is Ginger
    Matty Is GingerVit më parë

    *n o s t a l g i a*

  • Golden Apple
    Golden AppleVit më parë

    He sounds soo depressed

  • SpudSupreme
    SpudSupremeVit më parë


  • iva
    ivaVit më parë

    This video tastes like cigarette ashes

  • mitch
    mitchVit më parë

    To be fair, it did have Marty’s name written all over it.

  • Dory teh fish
    Dory teh fishVit më parë

    I've gotta get me one of these

  • Kai Sebald
    Kai SebaldVit më parë

    Wait, Alex actually has emotions? Clear he's faking

  • Shadie Nastie
    Shadie NastieVit më parë

    I really can't tell if he genuinely likes it, or he's just being sarcastic.

  • Waro9
    Waro9Vit më parë

    I got this game on DS for 5 dollars and thought of this video when I chose it.

  • It's me Jonny
    It's me JonnyVit më parë

    Ok donkey

  • Sam
    SamVit më parë

    I love ihe gaming because hes not hype and exciting he sounds bored and sad and its funny as hell

  • GgBoey73 GG
    GgBoey73 GGVit më parë

    0:50 When nostalgia hits

  • H. E. M.
    H. E. M.Vit më parë

    Why isn’t this at 1 million views.

  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans2 vjet më parë

    Why did they have the Halo banshee vehicle sound effect when their logo was playing 0:34 listen

  • Radical Rabbit
    Radical Rabbit2 vjet më parë

    who is this man

  • rockyjojo123
    rockyjojo1232 vjet më parë


  • Selrisitai
    Selrisitai2 vjet më parë

    I encourage anyone who has not seen Monsters Vs. Aliens to go see it. It's actually VERY good. One of my favorite Dreamworks movies of all time. The characterization is actually there, especially with the main character. The jokes are on-point. It's just good stuff. Trust me. Screw Dreamworks for not coming out with a special edition packaging for it, like a steelbook or digipak.

  • Gorgeous Freeman
    Gorgeous Freeman2 vjet më parë


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