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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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  • hail burger king
    hail burger king2 vjet më parë

    when will adult cartoons learn that its ok to have an art style that isnt hideous

  • Ephemeral Q.
    Ephemeral Q.Vit më parë

    If this was based off of the cast and writers' childhood, they must have had fucked up childhoods.

  • Gremlin
    GremlinVit më parë

    Everytime I draw in a new style and If I feel it's drawn terribly, I just ask myself "is it better than big mouth."

  • Connor Morris
    Connor MorrisVit më parë

    Bojack Horseman ruined animated shows for me because it raised my standards so highly

  • star auretta
    star aurettaVit më parë

    i heard that the animators had to make the characters look so far off from real humans because if they resembled actual children, they could be charged with child pornography. i don’t understand how people can enjoy watching something like this.

  • littleblueclovers

    I’ve never watched the show, but I really like the idea of each person having their own “hormone monster” that’s could be a manifestation of their insecurities, sense of independence, intrusive thoughts, etc.

  • 24 Frames Of Nick
    24 Frames Of Nick4 vjet më parë

    My favorite uses of breaking the forth wall was in Ed Edd n Eddy. Unlike big mouth where its just fucking random, Ed Edd n Eddy kept them mostly to less than a second and oddly fits with the characters personalities themselves. It wasn't compromising or self reliant on those jokes, it was just a quick moment of wow.

  • Amy Dassi
    Amy DassiVit më parë

    This is why I love Bob’s Burgers. It’s not overly sexual and crude at all, it’s genuinely funny and entertaining to watch and the characters are likeable

  • Meap
    MeapVit më parë

    The Hormone Monstress is the only none visually repulsive character

  • Spinodingus
    SpinodingusVit më parë

    The Hormone Monster looks like if Roger from American Dad became a furry.

  • I 456
    I 456Vit më parë

    Just to note, the main character Andrew is 12 YEARS OLD. They aren’t high schoolers, they are middle schoolers. I bet Epstein loved this show

  • Nicholas Julian
    Nicholas JulianVit më parë

    The whole bit with Jay learning he impregnated his pillow was when I stopped watching this show.

  • Alex Malcolm
    Alex Malcolm4 vjet më parë

    Am I the only one who doesn't remember puberty as an incredibly awkward/life altering mess? It just came and went and I ended up with a deeper voice. The worst part of puberty for me was the fact that everyone else kept making unfunny jokes about it.

  • b̶l̶e̶h̶h̶h̶
    b̶l̶e̶h̶h̶h̶Vit më parë

    Adult cartoons, especially ones by Netflix, need to learn that Adult Cartoons don't need to have a gross art style, and horrible, vulgur, and lewd humor. you don't need to have that for an adult cartoon! The only exceptions are Beevus and Butthead, because that show is based off of vulgur humor and horrible designs, and its works! and its in the title. And King Of The Hill. KOTH doesn't necessarily have a bad art style, nor does humor, but it can be technically put in there.

  • Ignacio Cabrera
    Ignacio CabreraVit më parë

    I swear:

  • Ella Czeiner
    Ella CzeinerVit më parë

    I usually only watch kids cartoons like ducktales or tawog because I honestly find those shows more mature. Adult cartoons only ever have the same jokes which is "haha sex is funny" "look how gross this is" and "oh you didn't expect that shock humor is totally not a shortcut to telling an actual joke". Its like adult cartoons try to be as ugly and crude as possible to show they are mature when it does the opposite. Shows like Avatar look beautiful and have deep emotional characters I like, not lazy and loud characters overcompensating so hard to look mature. It reminds me of Disney Channel sitcoms where everyone is wearing bright colors and yelling all the time.

  • dgyjbhhevc

    You can have an adult show without the inappropriate jokes. Seriously, that's just adult shows today and it's getting old.

  • AxtroLeaf
    AxtroLeafVit më parë

    Every character looks like they tried to eat a bee.

  • Snoot Comrade
    Snoot Comrade2 vjet më parë

    whoever did that freddie mercury impression actually did a really good job wth

  • blue_jay96
    blue_jay96Vit më parë

    I'm so glad my ex and I broke up before this show came out because I just know he would've forced me to watch it with him

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