13 Reasons Why I HATE 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

IHE *starts the conversation* on what he dislikes so much about the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

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  • FluffyHusky
    FluffyHusky2 vjet më parë

    this show is also the reason every girl in my school thinks it's cool to be depressed/suicidal

  • Mikail Røe
    Mikail Røe2 vjet më parë

    What bothered me the most was that Hannah “came back” and interfered with Clay’s life. When someone is dead. They.are.dead. They’re not coming back. Sorry but every time she appeared I was annoyed

  • Null
    Null2 vjet më parë

    One of my friends back in the day was obsessed with this show. She'd say "It's so cool, it's about suicide and killing yourself!" And once I even heard her "jokingly" saying "They make it look fun."

  • morgiew the lord
    morgiew the lord2 vjet më parë

    I think this show was actually very dangerous. There was a sexual assault with a broomstick that... took inspiration from the show. It happened at a school near my city

  • Madeline
    Madeline2 vjet më parë

    the thing about hannah’s ghost being there makes it seem like after you commit suicide that you can come back. once you’re gone, you’re gone. this is coming from a suicide attempt survivor. i watched this show when i was in a really, really bad place. it did NOT help. it is one of the worst representations of being suicidal that i have ever seen. sometimes you don’t have rational reasons for being suicidal. i watched this show and wondered why i was even suicidal. it made me feel like i should have a reason, and like i wasn’t damaged enough to be suicidal. this show is probably the worst show i have ever seen. fuck 13 reasons why.

  • BOOMOO 201
    BOOMOO 2012 vjet më parë

    Katherine Langford actually said that she wanted to stop playing Hannah after season 1 because she felt that her story was over. But Netflix was like:

  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee3 vjet më parë

    This show might as well be called "Suicide: That'll Show 'Em!"

    PJNLOL3 vjet më parë

    Hanna: “get out “

  • Male Tears
    Male Tears2 vjet më parë

    The whole "teen girl dies and the whole town and it's seedy underbelly falls apart" thing was done so much better in Twin Peaks. In that show, Laura Palmer was a sweetheart that had a bunch of problems in her life and her murder affected people because of her positive impact. 13 Reasons Why is built entirely on selfishness and stupidity.

  • Andrea Robyn
    Andrea Robyn2 vjet më parë

    The show paints suicide as a means for revenge, which is emphasized by Hannah 'coming back' to be able to see the impact of her choice. Plus, the fact that the show got a second season, and is getting a third, shows to me people like it for the dramatic elements. That's fine, just call a spade a spade instead of pretending it's doing this great advocacy for mental health when it's causing so much damage and suicide contagion.

  • שרלילה
    שרלילה2 vjet më parë

    Personally, I found Hannah herself very unlikeable, mainly because she's a real hypocrite. She goes on and on about "bullying" and how mean everyone is to her, and it's mostly exaggerated - I mean, come on, she wants to kill herself bc Zach steals a few notes from her (E7)? The thing is: If she feels petty things like that affect people so much, then why is she doing similar (and worse) things herself? E.g. her

  • GmmBeast
    GmmBeast2 vjet më parë

    I'm sorry, but school (or otherwise public) shooters don't just "decide" to stop shooting a place up. Mostly, they can't be reasoned with.

  • Nate Hladki
    Nate Hladki3 vjet më parë

    "Lucky, my scars are all on the inside."

  • kukicu
    kukicu3 vjet më parë

    "You don't have to have the same ridiculous backstory as Hannah Baker to feel suicidal." This summarises my problem with the show. Feeling suicidal can much less rational than that, and presenting this case as the case to start a discussion is just creating guilt for people who feel suicidal without much reason. Our brain is not always rational, especially when feeling depressed and suicidal. Just go and see the Ted talk on this.

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven2 vjet më parë

    I cannot BELIEVE this show was cleared for a season two! Honestly, this show poisons the mind into thinking suicide is okay, and in fact there have been SEVERAL copycat suicides after this shows release. I have attempted to take my own life MANY times. Once by trying to overdose on Clonopin, and I would have succeeded if it wasn't for my mom texting me saying 'Hope you get home safely' as this was after the family reunion in Nashville where I was molested by one of my uncles. I forced myself to vomit up everything in my stomach. I did not have to go to the hospital to get it pumped or anything.

  • Racecars Inc
    Racecars Inc2 vjet më parë

    My wife was watching season 3. There’s literally a scene where Bryce does yoga with his mom for 5 minutes. I just got up and left..

  • Gray Alien
    Gray Alien2 vjet më parë

    I'm going to point out that Teen Titans (2003) handles it's sensitive subjects better, it's written for 7-12 year Olds. and has way more rounded characters.

  • Stardevoir
    Stardevoir2 vjet më parë

    Bojack Horseman is an infinitely better portrayal of mental illness on Netflix and I hate that people consider this a good show or a good portrayal of the subject because it's dreadful

  • Elisa Soh
    Elisa Soh3 vjet më parë

    Apparently, Netflix contacted a psychologist who knows a lot more about suicide prevention than they do, and he advised them to make some drastic changes about the story before releasing the first season but Netflix made him understand that they didn't want to make all those changes. Suicide prevention centers specifically stated that the way this show portrays suicide as a revenge will inspire many depressed teenagers to kill themselves in the same fashion. And indeed, many teenagers did.

  • Rachel Ann Taylor
    Rachel Ann Taylor2 vjet më parë

    What I NEVER got about the show is this: if you have or know anything about depression, you know it's an irrational force. This show tries SO SO hard to force rational reasons behind what the characters are motivated by that it just stops making any logical sense and yet they all just....roll w it.