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  • Gracekim23
    Gracekim232 vjet më parë

    Wait do these people understand that glasses are need to see or read for those who wear them RIGHT?!

  • Io
    Io3 vjet më parë

    I think someone should do a sort of reverse "don't judge challenge" where they dress up super pretty and sexy, but pull away to reveal a normal, approachable human being. I think that'd be nice.

  • Landon beckelhimer
    Landon beckelhimer4 vjet më parë

    This challenge is the perfect example of the word "irony."

  • ꧁༒•Miki-Rin-chan•༒꧂
    ꧁༒•Miki-Rin-chan•༒꧂2 vjet më parë

    It really pisses me off with them making fun of acne problems. I'm self conscious because of it and they're really just making it worse

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry4 vjet më parë

    I feel like this 'challenge' should be the other way round - they should show themselves dressed up and heavily makeup-ed and THEN they show themselves in normal clothes with no makeup

  • I think that
    I think thatVit më parë

    The whole " Don't judge me challenge " is really stupid . When they're drawing acnes on their faces , wearing fake glasses , making their teeth look bigger or something , they're mocking those who actually suffer from problems because they're actually saying these are ugly . What the hell ?

  • Shydreameress
    Shydreameress2 vjet më parë

    "Don't judge challenge" that actually judges people with acne, glasses, uni brown, etc...

  • MeliGrace Music
    MeliGrace Music2 vjet më parë

    I would rather be “ugly” and nice human being than look like someone from a RomCom and be the shallowest person alive.

  • luckyworm_
    luckyworm_3 vjet më parë

    "Sexy people are clueless, stupid asswholes"

  • Plant based Plant
    Plant based PlantVit më parë

    Glasses : nerd

  • Patrice Linman
    Patrice Linman5 vjet më parë

    I feel like the opposite might have been better. You show yourself all glammed up, put your hand in front of the camera, then show how you normally look without all the make up, hair gel, etc. showing how you shouldn't judge someone by their make up

  • AcolyteToSithis
    AcolyteToSithisVit më parë

    This Is the type of garbage you would find on TikTok

  • Robert Arsiaga
    Robert Arsiaga2 vjet më parë

    I wear glasses and have to use a inhaler to breathe properly. Guess I’ll die since that’s apparently ugly

  • Rensy
    Rensy4 vjet më parë

    Yeah, the girls taking a hit off the inhaler and laughing... really bringing to awareness to the stigmatization of those not deemed "perfect". Fucking classy.

  • JumpingJacks
    JumpingJacks5 vjet më parë

    If the process had just been reversed, like an unnattractive person using a bunch of makeup to become beautiful, and then revealing their unaltered face, the challenge would have been a lot more meaningful, it would say "sure, I don't look good, but that doesn't change my mind or my personality" (which is something the people in these challenges lack)

  • I'm natty bitches
    I'm natty bitches2 vjet më parë

    so they are trying to say people with glasses are ugly.

  • Nexsusriina
    Nexsusriina3 vjet më parë

    I think people who wear glasses look really cute, i've actually wanted to start wearing glasses because i think it would make me look cuter, not uglier

  • undeadprincess
    undeadprincessVit më parë

    Me: wearing glasses

  • awada awada
    awada awada5 vjet më parë

    i like your style, you're not so full of shit like most other youtubers

  • Tomiscool
    Tomiscool5 vjet më parë

    If I did this challenge I would do it like this: